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I haven’t been on in well over a month and a half.

Because I said 'fuck it.'

I’m tired of working so hard on something that doesn’t necessarily need to be changed. To be comfortable with yourself, you need to accept what you were given, be it big boned or small boned; weather you’re big busted or small busted, weather your thighs touch or not.

I am currently 120 pounds and the happiest I’ve ever been.

Hands down I lost maybe 3 pounds.

Maybe I’m not the skinniest, and I’m definitely not the prettiest, but I have good friends and an amazing family that accept me for me.

Checkyour BMI followers, if you’re in the ‘healthy’ or ‘average weight’ portion, then you are HEALTHY. You don’t need to lose weight!

Obviously society has it’s own image of skinny: girls who starve themselves so bad that thier bones jot out.

Well you know what? Fuck that. If you have curves, show them off. Theres nothing wrong with it.

Because I’m almost 100% positive for all 300 of you, that whatever ‘fat’ you’re seeing, is in your head.

Goodbye, followers.

& good luck in life to all of you.

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Anonymous said: how can i get a thigh gap? :)

you have to work the inner thigh muscle. it’s a difficult area to work but it can be done! just work on some inner thigh stretches/exercises & walk a lot each day (:

xx <3

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Anonymous said: Hey! I'm also fourteen and i'd like to lose some weight, although I can't tell you an exact number since I'd like to gain some muscle too. If I want to make the best out of June, what are your tips for daily eating and exercise? (I don't want to starve myself) xx

hey girll!

well the best thing to do is eat healthy! when i decide to stick to my plan, i usually eat a big breakfast, a small lunch & a medium dinner with one small, healthy snack in between each meal. also, i don’t eat after 7 PM and i always, always drink water & green tea with nothing else. i suggest you don’t count calories unless you really want too, just eat healthy & avoid temptation for bingeing and junk food.

as for exercise, i have a gym membership, but i only go with my friends twice or three times a week. however, there are lots of different stretches/workouts you can do at home! just make sure you’re active and you should be fine. also think about taking yoga, or you can do yoga from DVDs, different TV channels and youtube. make wiser decisions, use stairs in stead of the elevator, it’s common sense, you’ll know (:

best of luck, love!

xx <3 

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s3xstasyy said: could you post your daily exercise routine or post the link if you already posted it? I wanna see if i should add anything to me:)

i do this one:


unless i go to the gym!


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